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Google Music Manager outside US

I am just happen to be one of those who just a die hard fan of Google and like to use this new tool.  Since I am outside US I am pretty out of luck.

Well many have shared to use proxy VPN to hide your location to US.  I did lots of search, tried lots of VPN clients and eventually the only one that works for me was Security Kiss.

Its very easy to use and just try out some of the available servers.  Just have to make sure its either US or UK and test it out with some website.  If it works, the server is working.  You might just need to play around to make sure.

Before you head to the Google Play Store to do your activation for the Google Music Manager, you would need to do something first which none of the site mention.  You need a US address.  Yes so you can use any of the delivery hub e.g. ComsGateway, Borderlinx, etc.

Next use the US address and add your billing address for Google Play Store in Google Wallet.  You can use your own Credit Card but make sure the billing address is in …

vCenter 5.x using Oracle Patch 10 or later

vCenter Server 5.x does not function correctly when installed with Oracle Patch 10 or later.
When creating a VM you receive the below error messsage:
"An internal error occurred in the vSphere Client.
Details: Object reference not set to an instance of an object."

This is an alert been raised to customer using Oracle for their vCenter database not to upgrade Oracle patch 10 or later to avoid any issues.

If the customer has already upgraded and encountered this issue, the only option is to roll back to pre-patch backup versions of the database.

There is currently no resolution.  You can refer to the KB below.

GA of vCenter 5.1.0b and SRM and SRM 5.0.2

Software License Deployment Rights

Having to work in a few vendors environment, I realize there are many things that customer are not aware when purchasing any software licenses.

I have experience or came across those customer that have presence in several countries to seek for quotation or pricing from the respective countries to compare which countries would provide a better cost saving in order to purchase from for their entire or if not a specific country usage.

There is nothing wrong with this however most of the software licenses pricing differ depending on countries in terms of taxes and rebates , etc.

However most customer are not aware, if you purchase a licenses from 'A' country and used it in 'B" country, you might end up violating licenses agreement without knowing it.  In terms of audit and compliance, this is in turn results in a violation.

Some companies have been caught and fined not knowing the reason behind.  Some software houses, do send auditors to check on companies randomly.  So w…