Tuesday, September 25, 2012

vSphere 5.1 Web Client: Installation

There are a few good resources on using the vCenter Web Client.  One of them contains the use of the whole web client interface which you can find here.

This KB states the requirements for the Web Client.
This blog shows you the installation of Web Client.

To access the web client the URL address would be as follows with the default port:
https://:(hostname or ip):9443/vsphere-client

Below is a video on a simple setup of the Web Client and installation.  Do note that the Web Client would require Adobe Flash to access via any of the web browsers namely Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome.

Features now available in Web Client but not on C# Client
  • vSphere Replication
  • vMotion with no shared storage
  • SR-IOV, BDPU, Port allocation to Elastic
  • Network Healthcheck
  • Backup and Rollback for vDS
  • Port mirroring (IPFX) and Netflow new enhancements for vDS (ESPAN, RSPAN)
I came across this blog post on the vDS enhancements on vSphere 5.1.  Do take a look.

17 Oct 2012
Update 1: Load balance using vCNS for vSphere Web Client
If you would like to load balance or even have a redundancy for your web client, you can refer to the setup mention here.

18th March 2013
Update 2: In case you need to register your older vCenter or add in any domains into SSO, log into the web client with the user name admin@System-Domain.

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