Wednesday, August 15, 2012

VCAP5-DCA Passed!

Did the VCAP5-DCA beta exams which comprises more than a hundreds of questions.  As the kits are limited there were only a few participants or should I say unless you manage to book the exam for a time slot of your choice.

Its has been a long waiting time and finally receive a note that I have passed.  I didn't manage to finish the exam though but there are just too many things on each task to be completed.  I must congrats the certification team for able to rush the results out.  They have been providing us the update of the progress.  Having that there are the current certifications to be assessed and the betas.  It won't be easy.

I have drop some feedback to the certification team on some of the "not so specific" tasks which need to be completed.  That is the purpose of going through the beta exam.  Feedback is really important.

I managed to secure one slot before the closing date and brave through it.  4 hours of lab.  Experience wise?  Well its very slow comparing to the GA of VCAP4-DCA.  Maybe its still in beta and limited kits available and since its beta the performance are not really fine tuned.

Its almost the same with VCAP4-DCA testing you the basic fundamentals as stated in the blueprint however with more added from vSphere 5 due to its new features and functions.

For those who are thinking on doing this certification, you might be thinking how can I even remember or can I refer to some documents that what your daily administration task would do.  The answer is yes in a way.  Apparently I tested out the machine and it is able to surf the web.  So basically you can google for some information or documents online.  However as I mentioned, the resource on the machines are enough for you to complete your tasks in the exam and if you spend the time google-ing, the chances are you will have no time to complete.  Also the surfing is real slow.  You will give up eventually.  Let say it takes almost 2 minutes to open a browser and load Google completely.

For those who are doing or intend to do the VCAP5-DCA, do prepare and study well on the blueprint.  You should know some of the basic commands even with the new esxcli should be in your study list since whatever commands you been using in vSphere 4, will be changed due to that.

I cannot stress this, setup a lab environment at home and use that to go through the blueprint.  If you have not done that or taking it too easily, the results would be much expected.

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