Tuesday, June 19, 2012

vSphere: Extending a EagerZeroedThick Disk

I chanced upon this post from VMware on extending a EagerZeroedThick disk.  I decide to test this out to confirm.  Below is a video of my test and from the test I also discovered something different in the command, vmkfstools versus the GUI in terms of extending a disk.

The followings are assured and discovered:
  • Extend of disk in GUI do not perform will not be in EagerZeroedThick.
  • Extend of disk via vmkfstools new disk size will not be updated on the GUI.
  • Extend for EagerZeroedThick can only be done via vmkfstools.
  • The extend option in vmkfstools disk size (#) MUST be the size after extension.
    vmkfstools -X #[gGmMkK]
  • Disk format ZeroedThick only works in disk creation but no in extend.
    vmkfstools -c #[gGmMkK] -d zeroedthick
    vmkfstools -X #[gGmMkK] -d zeroedthick <---- doesn't require disk format for LazyZeroed

Operation considerations:
  • If you need to extend a EagerZeroedThick disk, use vmkfstools.
  • If possible, remove and re-add the disk back to the VM for the updated size if extend is done using vmkfstools.

Thursday, June 14, 2012


If you have heard and wondering its almost here.  VCP for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

As the cloud has been now popularize, whether it is private and public cloud we need to have some ways qualify these people just like for desktop VCP5-DT.

Requirement will be the same as desktop, you would need to be a VCP5 first.  You can check out Eric Sloof's post.

Sign up for to be informed once VCP5-IaaS goes GA here.

For more information on all the certification you can refer to certification site.

Update 31th May 2013
VCP-IaaS exam is now certified as VCP-Cloud. 

There is some confusion so here I share explain as below.

If you are a VCP5-DV, you would need to just take VCP-IaaS which contain 85 questions to be VCP-Cloud.  This exam will require per-authorization and a check if you are VCP5-DV will be done before granting you to even see this exam to be booked.

What if you are not VCP5-DV but a VCP4-DV?  You can also be VCP-Cloud.  What you need to do is attend one of any of the two vCloud courses and take the VCP-Cloud.  The number of questions in this exam will contain 135 questions as it covers some vSPhere 5 questions as well.  However this does not give you VCP5-DV.  You can refer to the certification page for VCP-Cloud here.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

vSphere Security Concerns (source code leak)

Recently many new channels has articles on the code leak and you can see the official announcement here.  VMware has also release ahead of patch cycle as well documented here.

Many users asked about the concerns they have.  First and foremost, won't open source be also a concern if we were to use it as well?

Every organization would have in place certain regulation and policy in their infrastructure be it hardening, patches to be up to date and firewalls, etc.  If these are been follow up and maintain compliance, is there much of a concern really?

One article from Michael White, a VCDX makes really good sense and encourage you to have a read.

This single file from ESX code dating to 2004 was leaked and I wonder who much vulnerabilities that wasn't discovered from VMware regular patches till now 8 years later.  If any of the environment are still vulnerable due to this leak this will be disastrous and it can only see how back dated the servers are not keep up to date.

Keep security best practices in place, have patch applied whenever possible relating to security vulnerability.  You will be pretty much safer than anyone who didn't have such practice in place.

Friday, June 1, 2012

vCenter Operations Manager vAppliance Upgrade

I realize that there isn't any guide on updating the vC Ops vApp anyway in the guide or on the internet.  Updating the vApp is pretty easy.  You just need to browse to vC Ops in VMware site and download the update file which end with .pak.

Access the Admin page to upload the update file and after which just double check after the update is done.

vSphere Assessment Tool (vSAT)

If you are not aware, there is a new tool announced during VMworld US 2019. That is the vSphere Assessment Tool (vSAT). To access the sit...