Saturday, February 18, 2012

VCAP5 DCD Beta Experience

I must stress this blog of mine is on a personal account and has no relationship with any company or affiliation that I am associated with.  Participates of beta includes partners to users.

Did my VCAP5 DCD Beta today.  Went at 2:30PM seated throughout for over 4 hours.

I would say it almost similar as VCAP4 DCD however more tougher.  More on BCDR and also more design questions.

Since the exam is still in beta, there definitely would be improvement before GA that is what the beta is exam is for to gather feedback.

1.  Some of the questions in English used were rather ambiguous.  Some of us did have some problem understanding it and you might just misunderstood it.  That happens in most IT exams I would say even Microsoft ones.

2.  On the drag and drop drawing diagram questions, I encounter one question which I have to do it 4 times.  Reason was because every time I clicked next and after which click back the whole design I did was cleared.  I did that 3 times and on the fourth time, I decided to do bit by bit and clicking Next and Back again to make sure it is saved.  Beta so I have feedback on this.

3.  Some of the drag and drop questions text were not shown complete.  The text were longer than the boxes but fairly reading the few words you would know what it mean though.  Unless you did not study for it.

4.  In some of the drag and drop questions, you are suppose to drag the correct answers to the variable.  The answers are listed and you have to drag the numbers and place the numbers on the variable.

As this is a beta, more improvement would need to be done before it goes GA.  Providing all the comments to the questions would help improvement been made before GA.

Overall its a good experience comparing to DCD 4.

Any candidate thinking to take this exam have to make sure you do study the blueprint thoroughly and making sure you understand what the material means.  Design and implementation experience is crucial.  Design questions are out to test your ability to do a design.

Update 1:
I have asked a friend who have taken it on 20th Feb, it seems that he didn't encounter any problem.  However he find the English need to be improved.

Update 2:
Apparently everyone who took the beta who I spoken with has the score sheet printed with the unanswered questions even though they complete the exam.

The questions that was not saved by the system would be printed on your score sheet.  In this case, the questions that were not saved by the system that I have done are shown even though I completed all and it seems also there are all the visio drawing questions.

Update 3:
Receive results of the beta exam and I didn't make it for it.  Now is waiting for the transcript to see what I did not do well in.  Apparently I realize those who made it did 2 things: did not review the question, 2. Never click back.  Just as expected in the beta these two actions is not stable.  Hopefully this will be corrected at GA.

Update 3:
Managed to clear the VCAP5-DCD.  Apparently I sense the marking methods are slightly different from VCAP4-DCD in such, it makes it harder to score.  I have saw many commented that its almost the same for both exams but they did a lower score for it.

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