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Running vCenter as a VM or Physical Server?

As the virtualization has grown more mature during the years, many users has asked me this  question, especially users who have just ride on the virtualization journey.  There isn't a right or wrong answers however what do you want to achieve at end state.  Do you have what you wanted keeping it at the current state?

Let us take look why run the vCenter as physical machine.
- Do not feel comfortable running management server as a virtual machine, prefer all management server as a physical machine
- Uncomfortable to run the vCenter as part of the virtual infrastructure
- Easy to locate the vCenter physical server when required

Why run the vCenter as a virtual machine?
- Able to enjoy protection from VMware Hight Availability
- Able to have DRS perform on vCenter (consider DRS exception or DRS infinity on vCenter)
- Less hardware maintenance and better utilize hardware
- For higher availability, run vCenter Heartbeat however two set of vCenters is required.

So what are the limitat…

vSphere 5.0 Migration White Paper and Tools

The vSphere 5.0 migration white paper and the tools are here to help our existing customers migrate to vSphere 5.0 or ESXi from their existing deployments.
DB checker tool: Upgrade center Upgrade guide to ESXi 5.0 Upgrade checklist to ESXi 5.0 to Akhilesh Dhawan from VMware for sharing this.