Thursday, November 17, 2011


I came across some questions by people who were like me who got confused by the new terms of VADP and VAAI or vStorage API.

What are these?  How are these related.  The letters do not tell you much so I am doing a explanation here.

vStorage API are API also known as application programming interface which are a set of rules or codes given out for any one including vendors or principles to use them and integrate them to produce the function which is provided from the API.

In this case, the API has two components:
  1. Data Protection
  2. Array Integration
Do not get confused these two function different things and are meant for different components.  The only similarities is that they allow the function that the API allows to make use of the storage subsystem to lessen the load on the hosts.

Lets talk about the two.

vStorage API for Data Protection (VADP)
In layman terms. This is the API mainly used by backup principles to integrate this function into their software to provide seamless backup of VMs via LAN free which is similar to VMware Consolidate Backup (VCB).  However VCB has end its product line at 1.5 Update 2 and we are encourage to use whatever is provided from backup vendors.

With the VADP, backup software is able to offload the load created by backup of VMs and handle it by the storage subsystem.  This not only allows the host to be able to run its normal task and not affect its performance but also perform backup making use of VMware snapshot without the use of any agent installed in the VM.  This require of cause the storage to support this feature.

The advantage of VADP versus VCB is that you do not have to install VCB on a separate machine and also there is no need of complicate setup and configuration to get VCB to work with your backup software.

A more detail explanation can be found in VMware KB on VADP.

vStorage API for Array Integration (VAAI)
This was explained previously in my post earlier.  Basicallyin short and layman terms, this allows storage vendors to integrate and enable their storage to handle the load whenever a storage related function is activated.

VMware KB also have some very detailed explanation of VAAI.

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