Tuesday, October 25, 2011

View 5.0: Connection Experience

I did a setup of View 5.0 in my environment and have also use the Persona Management with folder redirection.  This demonstration was purely done on my whitebox and an ISP connection of uplink of up to 2Mbps.  The network speed isn't that great however we are able to see the performance.

Android View App to View Manager 5.0
Using the new View App version 1.2 which is no longer in Tech Preview, to test out the connection.  Pretty decent within my network.

View Client 5.0 to View Manager 5.0
Using my laptop with a View 5.0 client connecting to the View Manager to test out the connection within my network.

View Client 5.0 to Security Server 5.0
Connection was done through my 3G connection.  This is an extreme case not because I use 3G but my ISP uplink is only up to 2Mbps.  At the time of recording, I am also sharing with many people in my neighbourhood so this is not a good example.  However with this extreme measure, we can still see that View 5.0 is still able to deliver a decent quality desktop.  Do note that I have disable lossness using the PCoIP policy template on the PCoIP session variable.  Taking in a scenario whereby connecting from outside would not require a high image quality to an extend of see pixel to pixel.

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