Thursday, September 15, 2011

View 5.0 Upgrade from View 4.6

I am running vSphere 4.1 in my home lab with View 4.6.  We will be conducting an upgrade of the View to 5.0 which was release.
Do not this is my first time doing this upgrade.  Below are the links to download the technical documents on performing the upgrade.

The View 5.0 documentation can be found here.  Refer to the View Upgrades document on performing the upgrading.  Make sure all backup are done on the servers/VMs before performing any upgrade.

Base on the upgrade document, the process of upgrading is as follows:
  1. Connection Server
  2. Security Server
  3. Transfer Server
  4. View Composer
  5. View Agent

Part 1
In this video, I upgraded the View Manager/Connection server follow by the security server.
Make sure you have backup your View Manager configuration and settings.
Use the vdmexport.exe utility to back up the View 4.0.x, 4.5.x, or 4.6.x LDAP database.
Instructions can be found in the View 4.6 administration guide.

Part 2
In part 2, we carry on to upgrade the Transfer Server. This upgrade is a breeze. Nothing serious came up.

Part 3
In this video, we upgraded the View Composer component on the vCenter.
Make sure you know your database password for your DSN which will be used during the installation.
Make sure no connection to the vCenter and Connection server administration console is done during this process. I encounter an error when my connection server and vCenter is still left connected.

Part 4
Last but not least, we upgrade the View Agent on the master desktop image.  Do note after the upgrade, remember to create a snapshot after which create desktop pool with just one VM to test out the functionality of the snapshot.


ZGeek said...

Thanks for taking the time and sharing the experience. Good info. Much appreciated!

KiOng said...

glad that its useful.

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