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My Home View 4.6

Here is a diagram of my home lab which I have done up. All machines are VMs other than the main ESX server is a physical.

I will put up my specification used for my ESXi server at home in another post.

This took me a few months as I was busy with work, exams and lots of other testing to have this working. I must admit I do not have a good network backup ground which was also one of the big reason I have a problem with Vyatta router setup.

I have 3 LUNs on my ESXi server namely a 1 x 160GB, 2x 500GB. All 3 are sata hdd.

Here we will not go through the setup for the vSphere environment which I believe if you are reading this you would know how to do it. We will start with View 4.6 setup straight away.

A few guides that got me to successfully implement my View environment are as below:
a step by step installation was helpful Kendrick provide me the idea how the event database is configured.…